Disclaimer / Cancellation Policy


Energy & Spiritual Healing Work with Yukiko

Yukiko Amaya removes unwanted spiritual energies, ancestral genetic energies, past life and karmic programming, emotional energies and other negative spirit energies such as those generated by difficult relationships, abortions, miscarriages, abuse and trauma. She teaches and guides you in how to find and follow correct guidance and change the way you live, through various means as is fitting to your situation. She works on bringing you into an embodied and present frame of existence in connection with ALL life where you feel more empowered in your own being.

In addition, she works on clearing and harmonizing the energies of the mind such as perception, intuition, memory and connecting your mind to both your inner self and higher self so that brain function becomes a useful instrument for living your life in a positive manner.

She also provides guided journeys, movement practices, emotional release work, sacred ritual work, embodiment of higher consciousness, psychic seeing and hearing, and counsel you on your healing path, following her internal, intuitive guidance.

This healing is ever expanding through experiences with individuals who have sought her help. Along with removal of negative energies and patterns, she may become a conduit for healing energies that you can feel and incorporate. She may also embody energies and share with you advise and counsel from a higher source.

She makes no specific claims, promises or guarantees. She may share “received” experiences, but this is not the same as a medical diagnosis. It is a spirit-medicine diagnosis. She does not medically prevent, diagnose, treat or cure disease.

You are solely responsible for continuing with your own medical or psychiatric treatment and emotional care.

By booking private session(s) with Yukiko Amaya, you hereby acknowledge and agree that you are solely responsible for your own wellness and emotional states and that you have read and understood the above and have freely and unconditionally agreed to receive and participate in spiritual wellness work and will hold any claims, payments, and/or actions unconditionally harmless with Yukiko Amaya.


Cancellation Policy

All individual services must be paid in full when booked online, unless otherwise agreed upon in writing. Please respect the 24-hour advance cancellation / re-booking for all private sessions, or you may lose your session fee.

For private healing / mentoring packages purchased after Nov. 1, 2020, if you choose to cancel the remainder of the package at any point, the sessions you have already received will be calculated per the normal single session fee as published on the website, and the remainder will be returned, minus $50 administration fee. These packages are meant to be used within a reasonable period of time. After a year from the date of purchase, whatever sessions outstanding will be recalculated per the normal single session fee and the number of sessions available adjusted accordingly.

For workshops and rituals, there is no cancellation available. No exceptions. Meetings on Zoom will be recorded and made available to you if you could not attend.

For Sacred Immersions and Retreats, please refer to the individual cancellation guidelines.

For The Goddess Wheel courses with monthly subscription, after Yule session, there will be no refunds and the subscription will continue till 12 payments are made even if the student decides to cancel for whatever reason.

For Moon Ritual Circle, your subscription will be automatically charged to your card on file until a cancellation request is received in writing (email or text). The subscription will be cancelled from the following month.

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