Land and Home Clearing

Your land is alive with various energies running through it. Just as we need to realign ourselves periodically in order to maintain good and vibrant health, so does the land.

Various components such as historical incidents and events that happened on the land before your time, or things that have happened there during your tenure will influence the energetic resonance or dissonance of the land. Your or your family members’ mental, physical and emotional states can also influence the land energy. At times the ley line or energetic line of the land can be knocked off its center by various circumstances. This creates a dissonance that may show up as animals behaving in an odd way, increased tension amongst the residents, lack of health and vigor in the trees and plants, etc.

Energies within the home is also like a physical person and influenced by the emotions and thoughts and actions of those inhabiting the space. These imprints can last a long time and “haunt” a location. At times simple things like opening the windows and smudging can remove “negative” energy. Other times, a much deeper cleansing work is required to bring harmony and health back into the resonance of the home. 

Land Clearing
House Clearing

Yukiko is a dowser as well as an energetic healer well-versed in the clearing, extracting and rebalancing work of land and home. She is also a psychic and can sense / see / hear certain energies which aids her in the clearing and rebalancing work.

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Due to the bespoke nature of size and depth of this work, please contact Yukiko via email with an indication of: 

1. Issues and problems you are sensing/experiencing that you would like addressed

2. Location and size of house and/or land

For more information, contact us at

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