New Moon and the Cauldron of Regeneration

by | Feb 11, 2021


How are you this month of February?


I am having a struggle with settling in or focusing on one task….well. Perhaps some of you are feeling the same?


It looks like the New Moon tomorrow (Thursday, Feb. 11) is happening in an overflowing house of Aquarius. There are 6 planets sitting in Aquarius….Venus, Mercury, Saturn, Jupiter, Sun…and the New Moon!!! Crown of Stars. All knocking about in the humanitarian air sign of Aquarius.



So not to worry if you are feeling a little overwhelmed or seemingly in a jumble of conflicting desires and energies. Take a deep breath and sigh out any attempt at rigid focus or control. Instead, open your heart.


Some crystals that can support you are pink colored ones like rose quartz, or green colored ones like aventurine. It’s time to bring some regenerative energy to this New Moon time.


Bringing our awareness and breath into the heart and sensing into the flowing, opening energy of the heart is deeply calming and healing. You don’t have to do anything except to be attentive and present to Her energy there in your heart. Imagine a beautiful and powerful Cauldron of Regeneration. Placing my hands over my heart and gently breathing through my hands also helps in gathering my attention and energy in my heart.


Suddenly, things that felt insurmountable or too much, slowly dissipates. Another vision, a different perspective comes into being. It’s magical. We’ve dropped out of our heads into our hearts. The intelligence here is very different than the one that wants to analyze, criticize, compartmentalize and judge.

Somehow, at the heart center, the divergent energies of Venus, Mercury, Saturn, Jupiter, Sun and Moon can find a gentle yet dynamic harmony. They all meld together in the great Cauldron.


We are currently living in a world that is driven apart by some very divergent energies. It’s as if we can’t agree that we are actually living on the same planet. However difficult that is, I feel we are all called upon to find our way towards each other. Somehow, we cannot stop seeing each other as sentient beings.


Hatred and vilification only poison our own well. Being complicit does the same. How do we both stand for ourselves and at the same time, see the other as a soul?


In Soul Motion® Conscious Dance Practice, we call it “One eye In, One Eye Out”.: to be well rooted in our center yet knowing where we are. That is also the tenet of mindfulness practice. It’s also what happens when in Goddess practice, we call in the directions. The Native American people teach us this in their Council Practice: “listen from the heart, speak from the heart, be succinct”.


In all the wisdom traditions, we are reminded to drop into a much larger consciousness than the one that is between our ears. The access to an entire infinity of wisdom lies in opening to our internal gateway of the heart and dropping into our bodies.


The time of the New Moon is the time of emptying out and beginning again. It’s a powerful place to start weaving our own mindfulness and heart capacity awake. What a powerful place the heart is, especially at the time of Aquarius. Aquarius is an Air sign. So is the heart in the chakra system. 


Why not awaken to the amazing power of the Cauldron of Regeneration held in our heart…and fed by the flame in our belly?


So this New Moon…but in fact any time there is confusion, angst, scattered desire, too much focus on the other, negativity….I say, let’s drop into the immense pool of wisdom that is our heart center, held in the grounding vessel of our body. It’s the wonderous Cauldron of Regeneration. True magic can happen there.


Cauldron of Regeneration


  1. Donnette Hill Walto

    Thank you for this Yukiko…That feeling of unfocus and as you put it jumble of conflicted desires and energies is strong right now I as long for warmer weather, to see green and yet the snow piles up, the cold intensifies and my mind scatters like the snow flakes on the wind. The reminder to breathe into my heart is such a gentle tether and reminder that I am right where I need to be, that it is all okay and that I am not alone in this. The flame burns deep and when given air, it warms my belly and soul. Your words helped give my flame air today.

    • Jennifer Zoerkler

      Yukiko this landed right when I need it this morning. Yesterday I was feeling overwhelmed with work and a little aggravated with demands on my time and energy. I couldn’t figure out why I was having these feelings because I’m normally mostly calm. Then a memory popped into FB from 4 years ago with my Molly laying on my mat helping me meditate and I am reminded I need to go to my mat with my rose quartz . Just that thought allowed me to exhale and relax. Thank you!

      • Yukiko Amaya

        Hi Jennifer. Thanks for your response. All we need is that little reminder at times to come back into our wholeness. I love it that it was a photo memory that popped up in FB! How marvelous. Blessings and love.

    • Yukiko Amaya

      Thank you for your beautiful response, Donnette. Yes. You put it so wonderfully: “The flame burns deep and when given air, it warms my belly”. Blessings and love to you.


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