There is power in the land.

There is power in being together.

The Earth and the entire Cosmos is alive, and if we only listen, She is continually communicating with us. The ancients knew this and built sacred sites on ley lines, near springs, and energy places, facing certain directions in alignment with sunrises / sunsets, moonrises moonsets at key cosmic times during the year.

Ever since my first power trip to Peru with Don Miguel Ruiz of the Toltec Eagle Knights lineage, I have been strongly drawn to this amazing energy alive in the land, in the air, in the sky. To be in the fold of these places helps awaken our own connection with the Goddess, with Her intelligence, wisdom and power.

From ancient times, we also know the importance of going into retreat. To take ourselves out of the normal day-to-day and to reset our body, mind, energy, emotions. To open up the field of temenos, the sacred sphere of learning around us. It is powerful to be in retreat with a like-minded group of people. Healing happens as well as camaraderie. Connection and relationship where we hold the highest for each other, where we feel safe to be vulnerable, is much needed in our lives.

I hold in person, mini-retreats throughout the year.

Also, every year, I take an intimate group of women on the EARTH GODDESS SACRED IMMERSION journey. We have been to stone circles, long barrows, temples, holy springs and wells, waterfalls, mountain caves, fairy mounds, sacred walks in and around the sacred town of Glastonbury in U.K., on the Island of Bali, around ancient Ireland.

The next planned journey is to mystic Wales with its powerful mountains and cliffs, glens, stone circles and magical lakes.

Due to current COVID situation, the dates are TBD for the Sacred Immersion as well as retreats.

In the meantime, enjoy the kind of adventure we go on by checking out the Wales Itinerary.

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