Videos - My Goddess Path


What and who is Goddess and how do we connect to Her energy?

How does She show up in our day to day?

What are the ways of invoking Her and bringing Her into our lives?

Join Priestess of Avalon, Yukiko, and her amazing guests for a fun, intuitive and Goddess evoking conversation. 

Special Guest: Rachel Jesien

Rachel Jesien is a Priestess of Avalon. Celtic shaman, Priestess, back care yoga specialist, intuitive healer, international workshop leader, Rachel is a visionary and dynamic creator of Goddess consciousness spaces that are inclusive and empowering. 

We will be talking about Earth Goddess energies of sacred places, the spiral energy of Goddess, inclusivity and community, and the creation of a Goddess temple.

 Special Guest: Amy Potter

Amy Potter is an Alchemist. Healer, seer, poet, folk herbalist, hearth tender, floral visual musical artist, and magic maker. Everything she touches turns to magic. I personally suspect she is part faery. You heard it here from me.

New Moon Circle

Join Yukiko to celebrate this Pisces New Moon as we near the Spring Equinox. She will guide you through story and journey so you can release what is no longer and have spaciousness to call in the New. Q & A at the end.

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