Earth Goddess Sacred Immersion 2023  

 ~ WALES  ~

with Yukiko Amaya

September 19, 2023 – September 29, 2023



Step through the portal and enter into a world of beauty, magic, power and presence.

  That portal is within each one of us. Immersing ourselves in the powerful and sacred Land of Wales, let’s find our way back to connection and celebration of life: for ourselves, for each other, for all life.

  This is a journey for women.

  On this immersion, you will:

  • Be breathed by the amazing land of Wales, or Cymru in Welsh – it will open your senses in deep appreciation of all that is.

  • Connect with the powerful energies of Cerridwen and Rhiannon – 2 Welsh Goddesses, one a shaman and shapeshifter, crone Goddess of surrender and regeneration; the other a powerful love and land Goddess of sovereignty – and claim your own truth and power.

  • Feel the dragon energies that crisscross the land, the water, and the air of Wales – awaken and deepen your own dragon/serpent energies of creativity, healing and wisdom.

  • Enjoy the daily rituals of movement meditation, and immerse in your own spaciousness and well being in the sacred landscape.

  • Be nourished and supported by an amazing sisterhood of like-minded and like-hearted women…yes, we all end up laughing a lot together!

  Join this once in a lifetime, intimate journey open to 8 women, led by Priestess of Avalon and shamanic practitioner, Yukiko Amaya. Enjoy the intimate, empowering, enlivening and compassionate world she weaves and holds with you and for you.


  Wales has always made my heart sing…even before I set foot upon Her sacred land.

  It’s kind of wild to be “called” by a Land. I wonder what that is, but there are places in this world that have this powerful pull, beyond reason, beyond anything, really. The first time, I knew the moment my rented car crossed into Wales. A wave of energy just shot through me, and I knew I was THERE. I had crossed into another world, beyond time.

Wales is a wild and untamed land of the Goddess.

  The Land is still powerful and alive, despite centuries of human will to subjugate Her. She still remains vibrant, energetic, and you can really feel this amazing energy of Mother Goddess who invites all to connect and respect All Life. That is what I love about Goddess. She is not human centric, but Life centric. We as humans are a part of this enormous web of Life.

  If you feel called to discovering the wildness within you, falling in love with a Land in all Her mystery and power and beauty, then come join me. The Land and Her Goddesses will guide us to fall in love again with ourselves, with each other, so we can in turn share that healing energy with All Life.


  We will be starting out most days with a  movement meditation. It’s a beautiful and organic way of coming into your own body and opening your senses to what is, in the moment. Gently guided by me, Yukiko. It’s an amazing way to connect into your embodied wisdom and sensitizing your entire being to energy.

​  The below itinerary will give you a bit of an idea as to the rhythm of the days. We want it to be spacious, with excursions to connect into the sacred heart of this magical land. Some of the hikes will be a few miles, easy to moderate. We will be doing some group ceremonies outside, depending on how the energies are. Ceremonies are a wonderful way to attune and align our beings, entering into conversation with the Land. Magic is created this way.

​  Most evenings, we will have a check in gathering to share what we experienced during the day. Sharing is a great way to bring resonance and more opening to our experiences.

​  Meals will be communal and catered (vegetarian) in North Wales. Once in South Wales, lunches and dinners will be in restaurants outside.

​  My intent is to provide you with a framework and power places of Wales to widen your vista, empower your soul presence, and experience the fullness of your being in a safe environment of love, joy, respect and support.

  Oh and did I mention…we laugh a lot and also give space for tears. The shadow places are places of wisdom. The tree does not grow tall without deep roots. 

​  Wales is a place of deep roots.

Sept. 19 (Tue) 5pm  ♥ Gather at London Hilton Euston (we will be staying here for the night – check in starts 3pm)

Sept. 20 (Wed)        ♥ Morning excursion to St. Bride’s Church in Fleet St.

                              ♣ Transfer by Train to Bangor, North Wales; check-in to Yr Ocar Retreat House

Sept. 21 (Thur)        ♥ Excursion to Anglesey, the Isle of the Druids (to a sacred well, then to a prehistoric burial cairn)

Sept. 22 (Fri).          ♣ Excursion to Lake Bala, home of Crone Goddess Cerridwen

Sept. 23 (Sat).         ♥ Excursion to Faerie Glen at Betsw-y-Coed, then hike to Dinas Emrys (of Merlin legend and the 2                                       dragons) + visit to a nearby village 

Sept. 24 (Sun).         ♣ Excursion to nearby Devil’s Kitchen (magical hike around a glacier-made lake, surrounded by                                         mountains) 

Sept. 25 (Mon).       ♥ Transfer to Fishguard, South Wales by private bus and check-in to Manor Townhouse Hotel

Sept. 26 (Tues).        ♣ Beautiful hike to Cairn Ingli with amazing vista of the Preseli Hills (where the blues stones used in                                     Stone Henge come from) and the Irish Sea; visit nearby St. Brynach’s church to connect with the                                       bleeding. Yew tree

Sept. 27 (Wed).        ♥ Visit St. David’s, a delightful village with a magical cathedral built on a site with powerful energies.                                   Also time to shop. Coastal walk along the cliffs overlooking the Irish Sea. A shopping stop at a                                       Wool Mill on our way back.

Sept. 28 (Thur).        ♣ A visit through the Megalithic sites in and around Preseli Hills with their magical energies, Walk in                                    the Faerie forest. 

Sept. 29 (Fri).           ♥ Our final day. Transfer by private coach to Swansea, then direct train to London Paddington                                             Station where we will say our goodbyes. Those wishing to continue on to Ireland can get a ferry                                       straight from Fishguard Harbor to Rosslare, Ireland.

View from CairIngli


SNOWDONIA in North Wales: Yr Ocar is a lovely retreat house, standing by a running stream, surrounded by the mountains of Snowdonia. It will be our private sanctuary during our stay in Northern Wales. We will be staying here 9/20 – 9/25/23

FISHGUARD in South Wales: Manor Town House is a delightful Georgian town house, lovingly restored as a stylish B&B, run by Helen and Chris Sheldon. Standing in the heart of Fishguard, it is an easy walk to restaurant and pubs. This will be our private sanctuary in South Wales. We’ll be staying here 9/25 – 9/29/23

LONDON: Hilton Hotel Euston is a Victorian era hotel located right by Euston Station, and only a 10 min. walk from the British Museum. This is where we start our journey, and our gathering point. Staying here 9/19 – 9/20/23


  I love to inquire into and investigate energy, consciousness, life. I especially love to enter into the full potential of life through embodied presence. That has been my pathway through the many lands and cultures I have had the good fortune to live and/or travel in. My passion is to help others come into their own embodied presence and fully empowered being, in their own way.

​  We each have our own, unique path to discover, cultivate and share with the world.

​   I am an energy healer, shamanic practitioner, Priestess of Avalon, Soul Motion® conscious movement dancer and teacher, Yogini, and an Embodied Radiant Empowerment coach. I created Earth Goddess Sacred Immersion as a safe container to connect with our own empowered and ecstatic feminine, and be in the embrace of the Great Mother Earth with all Her wisdom and gifts.  Every year, for 10 days, I lead women into the sacred landscape of the Goddess in various locations around the world.

​  My curiosity and adventurous spirit has taken me to many places around the world, and I have lived many lives. Life is a varied and textured experience of many dimensions, and I am so grateful for all the teachers in many forms who have guided me.

​  Through all my various incarnations, I have always felt the earth “speaking” to me, and as I study, follow, experience more and more deeply the earth based spirituality of Shamanism, Tantra yoga, and the Goddess, it has become so clear to me that we are held in a vast and loving universe of the Mother. We are a part of a web of Life where all beings are equal in their participation, all beings are welcome, and all being are respected for who or what they are. Your voice, your presence, your being is so precious, so needed and so loved.

Blessed Be!

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“Yukiko was able to demonstrate for me the way she shows up in the world, with such grace and love. Getting to participate in Soul Motion with her each morning gave me a solid practice for grounding and embodiment. It opened my heart wider than it has been in a long time. I was hoping for a sacred experience, ceremony, circle, bonding with like minded souls. I got that and more. It was the best trip that I didn’t know I needed, yet could barely walk away from when it was time to leave.”  

LaShanda Brown,PhD ~ Yoga and Meditation Teacher, North Carolina (Sacred Immersion, Ireland)

“I felt as if the land and forces beyond our understanding were ready to welcome and embrace us in this journey. I highly believe that the connection that Yukiko has with Spirit and the Goddess is a connecting force for any who are open to receiving.” 

Diane Warren, Virginia (Sacred Immersion, Ireland)

“I loved the pace of the retreat (Sacred Immersion Glastonbury). You were able to gracefully weave each day with adventures to dive deep. This is a sacred immersion into the heart of the Mother. Thank you for this sacred offering from your heart. It changed my life.”   

Rachel Jesien ~ Priestess of Avalon, Celtic Shaman & Yogini, Hudson Valley, NY

“Sacred Immersion (to Bali) was true to it’s name and surpassed my expectations. Yukiko is the real deal if you are wanting to connect deeper with yourself, the earth, and spirit. She is an amazing teacher and healer with the knowledge to guide others to heal themselves. I knew I wanted a special guide at this time in my life. I am so grateful my spirit brought me to her.”

Helena Chimielowicz ~ Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner, Maui, Hawaii


SACRED IMMERSION to WALES pricing includes all the lodging, internal (UK) group transportation (except for taxis or personal transportations) once the Immersion begins in London on 9/19 at 5PM, all catered meals (all breakfasts; breakfast, lunch and dinner in North Wales), guides and fees. It does not include your airfare, travel insurance, transportation from airport to hotel in London, transportation from London Paddington Station to London Heathrow, dinners and lunches in London and South Wales, personal snacks and drinks, and tips.

A $500 non-refundable registration fee will hold your spot. This will be deducted from your total.

Remember, there are only 8 spots available.

$150 early sign up bonus will be applied to Payment #1 for all those who register by end of April 6th, 2023 (Full Moon in Libre). 

SACRED IMMERSION (double occupancy )

                $4,497.00 / person

After the initial $500 deposit:

Payment #1 due before 5/15/23 : $1998.50

Payment #2 due before 7/15/23 : $1998.50

** Please inquire for those of you who would like a payment plan

** Single Occupancy is limited (max 2 spots) and possible for an additional $750. Please inquire with me.


  • International Airfare to and from United Kingdom

  • Your travel insurance (highly recommended)

  • Scheduled Meals taken outside of North Wales (lunch / dinner in London + when based out of Fishguard, South Wales)

  • Beverages and snacks and any additions to catered menu for meals

  • Tips for guides, drivers, hotel staff, etc.

  • Any transportation taken outside of ones organized for the group

  • Personal purchases



100% refund before May 30 (minus $500 non-refundable deosit)

  50% refund before July 15 (minus $500 non-refundable deosit)

No refund thereafter. However we will try very hard to fill your space should you need to cancel, and if we can refill your spot, we will refund the entirety minus the $500 non-refundable deposit.


FIRST TIMER: Those of you who have never worked with me before, please connect with me first to see if this journey is a fit for you. Click on button and schedule a chat with me.

Or shoot me an email with questions to:

RETURN SACRED IMMERSIONER or PRIVATE CLIENT: If you want to talk about this immersion with me first, before you register, click button and schedule a chat with me.

Or if you want to ask questions via email send to: 

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