When we walk with Goddess, we become more in tune with the natural world around and within us. We start to notice that we live in a universe of many cycles. There is the cycle of the day marked by sunset and sunrise, moonset and moonrise. The cycle of the seasons and the movement of the sun and the stars. The cycle of growth from seed to sprout to maturity, harvest and death. The cycle of the moon and the cycle of menstruation. The cycle of ages maiden – mother – crone and the 3 phases of the moon. These cycles are spirals that continue in an ever renewing and completing cycles of birth, growth, manifestation, death. This spiral is regenerative. It is a powerful song of celebration and continuity. It is an on-going rhythm of life

Become Enlivened to the Mystery and Magic of Goddess…

       Ritual is a way of connecting powerfully with this rhythm. We mark certain moments in the spiral in recognition and intent. We awaken from the forgetfulness of everyday living to reconnect with the web of Life.

Seasonal Rituals (Live via Zoom)

These seasonal rituals follow the 8 directions of the Wheel of the Year to celebrate key energetic passageways of the Earth and Sun/Moon cycles. About an hour – hour and a half in length, these rituals invite you to align your internal rhythm with the greater rhythm of Earth and Cosmos.

Zoom link will be sent to you along with the preparation guidelines upon registration. All times are East Coast USA time. If you cannot attend at the time of the Zoom call, the recording link will be sent to you after the ritual.

$33 / each ritual; (COVID economic difficulty / student special price: $19)

Litha by Wendy Andrew
Litha by Wendy Andrew

Full Moon Rituals (pre-recorded)

Full Moon is powerful and beautiful as it illuminates the night sky. Every 28 days, the moon comes into her fullness before she wanes to the New Moon. The ancients saw this rhythm as the ebb and flow of life. Women know this in the rhythm of their blood. 

Mark the Full Moon Rhythm with Ritual Guided by Yukiko…

Each full moon has energy and significance she will guide you to work with. The recorded ritual video will be delivered to your inbox so you can prepare and do it in the comfort of your home at the time of your choosing. 

Each pre-recorded Full Moon Ritual video will be made available starting 4 days prior to the actual Full Moon

For more information, and Full Moon Schedule:



Each Full Moon Ritual


12 Full Moons Package


Save by subscribing for the full cycle from when you start

(Every 3 years, there are 13 Full Moons in the year…next one is in 2023!) Your Full Moon Ritual will be automatically delivered to your inbox 4 days prior to each full moon.

Plus receive a surprise gift to help you connect with the lunar cycle.

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