We live in a universe of many cycles. There is the cycle of the day marked by sunset and sunrise, moonset and moonrise. The cycle of the seasons and the movement of the sun and the stars. The cycle of growth from seed to sprout to maturity, harvest and death. The cycle of the moon and the cycle of menstruation. The cycle of ages maiden – mother -crone and the 3 phases of the moon. These cycles are spirals that continue in an ever renewing and completing cycles of birth, growth, manifestation, death. This spiral is regenerative. It is a powerful song of celebration and continuity. It is an on-going rhythm of life. Coming into conscious relationship with these cycles and aligning to them is the role of rituals, and when many rituals are brought together, becomes a ceremony.

Ceremony and Ritual Connect Us to the Mystery and Magic of Goddess…


We gather via Zoom LIVE to celebrate and mark seasonal or lunar cycles. 

We light candles and ground and center at the beginning, becoming mindful of the energies that flow through us and around us. This is magic – to shift consciousness from the mundane to the sacred and remember that we are a part of an immense web of life. We align our internal rhythm with the greater rhythm of Earth and Cosmos.

Zoom link will be sent to you along with the preparation guidelines upon registration. All times are East Coast USA time. If you cannot attend at the time of the Zoom call, the recording will be sent to you after the ritual.

$33 / Ceremony


New Moon in Libra

Sunday, Sept. 25th, 2022.  12pm – 1pm EDT

via Zoom

This New Moon is a beautiful one right on the heels of Mabon or Autumn Equinox. We are in the time of equal day and night, realigning ourselves with balance and harmony. What are you reaping and what have you gifted?

Let’s join in ceremony to set new intent for the rest of the year with love and gratitude for what is, and courage and confidence in what is to be transformed.

** This VIRTUAL New Moon in Libra Ceremony will be held at our virtual Moon Body Temple within the River Valley Goddess Temple.

NEW MOON ~ WINTER SOLSTICE CEREMONY on Thursday Dec. 22. More info. Available after Dec. 8 at:




MABON (autumn equinox) NEW MOON TEA CEREMONY  

Private Property near Upperville in Northern Virginia

Saturday, September 24th, 2022      

 2 Session: 10:30am – 1pm or 2pm – 4:30pm EDT

 Autumn Equinox is the 2nd harvest season of the year. It’s a time of gratitude for the abundance we have as well as realigning ourselves with harmonious balance and equanimity.

Join us at this turn of the season in a quiet connection with Mother Earth through ancient wisdom tea ceremony and a contemplative walk in and out of the 7 circuit Labyrinth.

Location information will be communicated to you after registration.


Register and pay for Mabon Tea Ceremony

Choose either the morning or afternoon session from the menu below to register and pay for the Ceremony. We will email you the directions to location and things to bring once we receive your payment. Thank you and see you there.

Mabon Tea Ceremony 9/24/22

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